5 Reasons to invest in Digital Gold

digital gold

Since the markets are unpredictable and volatile at the moment, digital gold is a secure investment and is a good way to protect yourself from an unstable market.

Technology is changing at a fast pace but what’s more important is how we are changing because of it. From earning to investing digitally, the world has progressed significantly. MMTC-PAMP Digital Gold is one such secure online investment instrument that allows you to invest in 24 Karat, 999.9 purest gold digitally via your preferred payment app


Here are the 5 reasons for you to invest in it.

Your Investment is 100% secure

The gold you buy online is allocated as physical gold under your direct ownership and stored within fully insured, certified vaults located on MMTC-PAMP’s highly secure premises. This vault is protected by additional assurance of IDBI Trusteeship who are there to protect the interest of digital gold investors.

Sell Digital gold any time

There has been almost 300% increase in gold prices in the last 10 years. By investing in digital gold, it makes it easy for investors to conveniently resell gold holding at current market value instantly without incurring any extra fees. Funds are easily transferred to the registered bank account through Instant Bank Transfer.

Because of the metal’s scarcity, gold has become an excellent hedge against unpredictable markets over time. Gold prices have risen steadily in recent months. They managed to break through the Rs 50,000/10gm mark in July 2020, following the March crash caused by the COVID-19 lockdown, and is now again on the way up.

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Since the markets are unpredictable and volatile at the moment, digital gold is a secure investment and is a good way to protect yourself from an unstable market.

You can start investing for as little as Re1

You can invest small amounts of money over time in a high-return asset like gold, allowing one to develop a stable investment portfolio and protect your financial future. The price of digital gold is determined by the wholesale market rate, not by local factors such as geography or even a global pandemic, making it more affordable for the buyers.

If you ever want to invest online, you can visit MMTC-PAMP partners like GPay, PayTM and PhonePe among others. If you have access to wealth management services, you can also speak to your relationship manager at firms like Aditya Birla Capital, Fisdom, Motilal Oswal and HDFC Securities. They will allow you to invest in purest 999.9 24 Karat, digital gold.

Hedge against uncertain markets

Gold investments have throughout the years been touted to be a resilient and stable option and have found a favorable place in portfolios spanning generations. While the way the invested gold is held is changing, investment in gold, per se, is unlikely to go out of style, especially for those looking to include it in their long-term wealth-building kitty.

The pandemic has brought the focus back to gold investments amidst the volatility of the stock market and digitization making the process convenient, secure, and safe.

As the average age of the investors keeps changing, so will their preferred way of investing. Considering investing in digital gold to build long-term wealth is a much smarter and safer move for digital natives opting for a trusted instrument in the comfort of the familiar digital space.

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Get doorstep delivery of 24K purest gold

You can redeem your digital gold for physical units at any given time. In this time of the pandemic, when it’s difficult to step out, all one needs to do is to choose from their large collection of highest purity gold bars and coins in a variety of weights, which will be delivered to your home safely.

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